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Property Finder (置庫物業) is your Pathfinder in property journey

This is our belief when we started our own business, a vision to walk with you in this ever vibrant property market. We are here for long term, with aim to minimize customer time for searching, finding, and matching in very diverse customer base to meet property need, from apartment to detached house in Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay area. We are committed to serve you well in this premium property market with a team of specialty in-depth of understanding, swiftly mobilized, and professional individual able to deliver fast yet accurate market information, arrangement for property visit, bring close between potential buyer/seller and solution to offer to maximize individual need. We will take this seriously to build trust, listen to customer, and in a friendly and easy-to-speak with environment. Once started we are able to demonstrate our value, professional approach, with integrity, trust and sincerity to bring into services, as your friend and companion we walk along with you in this property pathfinder.

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