Hing Ken Shek 慶徑石



A lovely quiet & peaceful little oasis with a lovely feel, and a wonderful large patio & garden to enjoy sunshine and friends! A friendly & supportive community.  Excellent neighbors!

小型屋苑 和睦鄰里 寧靜社區

–  size 2,100′

–  Fully detached village house    (only 4 houses)

–  Company held

–  Sell with tenancy

–  3 indeed Car parks (2 parks Under cover,   1 park uncovered)

–  Security Gate

–  Indeed garden with lawn

–  Communal pool  &  night lighting

–  High privacy

–  Easy for public transport  and schools

–  4 good sized Bedrooms (2 En-suites)

–  1 guest bathroom including bath  / downstairs guest bathroom

–  Toilets on all floors

–  Rooftop with 2 large sheds for storage

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